New Flyer of America Supplying CNG Buses to New York MTA

September 9th, 2010 BY njkaters | 1 Comment
New Flyer of America_CNG Bus

The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) handles 11 million passengers each day in New York City and surrounding communities. This mass transit system uses trains and buses to handle 30% of all public transportation trips in the United States. The MTA is a heavy hitter in the public transit game and its operators are looking to reduce greenhouse emissions as well as fuel consumption. New Flyer of America is working with MTA to swap out up to 475 diesel buses for CNG-powered buses.

The MTA has committed to purchasing 135 40-foot CNG buses from New Flyer of America. The success of this first bus order could lead to the purchase of an additional 340 units. New Flyer will deliver two buses for an MTA pilot program by May 2011. This pilot program will integrate CNG buses into routine refueling and route management procedures. The remaining 133 units should be delivered by March 2012 to complete the order. The selection of the 340-unit option could be based on MTA budget issues as well as vehicle performance.

New Flyer of America benefited from its previous relationship with MTA in successfully bidding on this project. The MTA currently utilizes more than 800 diesel buses by New Flyer purchased since 1996. New Flyer has been working with cities in the past 16 years to move beyond the traditional diesel bus. The company’s first CNG bus was delivered to transit operators in San Diego in 1994. This inaugural CNG bus has been joined by more than 3,500 CNG buses delivered to transit authorities throughout the United States. The company also develops hybrid and liquefied natural gas (LNG) buses along with electric trolleys.

This large order could push New Flyer of America into a new stratosphere in the green vehicle market. New Flyer announced that the MTA order contributes to a current production load of $216 million. The demonstration of New Flyer CNG buses in the nation’s biggest transit system is an audition for global expansion. The MTA selection of New Flyer as its CNG bus supplier could also create additional jobs. New Flyer operates production facilities in St. Cloud and Crookston in Minnesota. These facilities may need to expand if New Flyer succeeds in the New York market.