Volvo Cars Wins Best Car Marker Distinction in Sustainable Brands 2011 Study

March 31st, 2011 BY njkaters | No Comments

Partners in Sustainable Brands 2011 announced that Volvo Cars is Sweden’s best car maker due to eco-friendly policies. This annual study was conducted by IDG Research, Relation Capital Partners AB and Novus Group International. Volvo bested 18 automakers currently selling vehicles in Sweden. Sustainable Brands 2011 also reviews 151 companies based on their adherence to UN Global Compact principles. Volvo Cars placed third among this field of 151 companies, showing the automaker’s commitment to a greener future.

Volvo and other Sustainable Brands participants were placed against the Ten Principles set forth by the UN Global Compact. These principles include environmental responsibility, development of eco-friendly technology and respect for human rights. The UN Global Compact has been used by more than 5,300 businesses worldwide as guiding principles for product development, labor relations and customer relations. Sustainable Brands 2011 thus uses standards that not only reflect the quality of products from companies like Volvo but corporate impacts on surrounding communities.

The Volvo DRIVe series alone has vaulted the Swedish automaker above the competition in terms of sustainable products. This vehicle line was released in 2008 with the V50 DRIVe standing as a paragon of hybrid efficiency. Volvo has sold more than 100,000 DRIVe units in the past three years with the V50 DRIVe the best selling hybrid in Sweden. The automaker has expanded the DRIVe series to seven models including the C30 and S40. As a result, Volvo now sells about 21% of all green vehicles sold in Sweden.

The success of Volvo Cars against these standards is unremarkable based on recent initiatives. Volvo initiated a plan to avoid environmental accidents at facilities throughout Europe. The automaker wants to improve environmental impacts during production including reducing consumption of water and electricity. Customers interested in Volvo cars might be heartened by the company’s goal of no injuries or deaths in new Volvo models by 2020. The Sustainable Brands 2011 results show that Volvo is among the most competitive automakers in the evolving auto market. As customers become more acutely aware of product quality and fuel economy, Volvo seems on track to meet the needs of a more educated public.